We were pleased and honored to be included in The Advocate on 2/25/13:


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Our Mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to improve how you utilize the precious few billion brain cells that you developed. Through our weekly sessions you will learn techniques to improve your memory, your math skills, and learn how to present amazing feats of mental agility and prestidigitation.

These weekly sessions will be fun and challenging. There is no charge for the seminars; they are entirely FREE!

Your guide in this synaptic journey is none other than Steven Zuckerman, M.D.; aka The Amazing Dr Z. He has drawn upon his lifetime of involvement in the cognitive sciences, magical and mnemonic arts to select the most rewarding and astounding mental feats.

Anyone who feels their mental abilities could use a fine tuning – from students to seniors- is welcome to join us every Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM at Bacio di Roma gelato store at 128 W. Chimes Street.

For further information call (225) 636-2668 or fill out the Contact Us form for any questions.