Card Memorization

There are many approaches to memorizing cards and which method is preferred depends entirely on the reason to remember the order of the cards.

The Aronson Stack is an ordered deck of cards with several interesting magic effects included within the specific order of cards. The idea of using an already memorized deck of cards to perform miraculous effects has been pursued by many top magicians and is well beyond the scope of this treatise. For those interested in looking at the mnemonics involved in memorizing Aronson’s Stack there is a very handy quizzing tool available online: Stack Quizzer 

This method is based on the Major System and can also be learned here: Major Card System

For those interested in learning how to rapidly memorize the order of a deck of cards for “the sport of it” there is an excellent resource recently published along with a $10,000 challenge for the first person to go from beginner to being able to memorize a full deck within 60 seconds: Tim Feriss Challenge

There are two excellent videos on the course which teach the basic techniques of transforming each card into a more readily visualized entity and then applying the technique of Loci in order to remember the card order. 60 Second Card Memorization

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